The Herb Bar Fall Natural Talks, 2018

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Jenny Hill: Chair Massage, Reiki & Stress Relief

2nd Saturdays
Charlotte's Insights: Psychic & Tarot

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Fall Natural Talks

leafSeptember – 1st Finding Inner Peace Cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, sorry.

Inner Peace is an experience, not a concept, not an item. Having a serene mind is the best gift that life can give us and meditation is one of the most powerful ways to obtain and achieve it. What will you gain with meditation? Nothing. BUT you are going to lose your anger, your anxiety, your depression and your fears. You will be joyful! Come learn with Javier Malcolm, a disciple in the sublime tradition of Mah ? Kundalin? ?akti. His meditations are lucid and as simple as possible in order for the occidental mind to achieve clear understanding and enlightenment. Javier will teach us the balance between the human and the divine, and lead us to the beautiful reconciliation with ourselves and the universe; regaining serenity in our soul, thus, entering the silence and exquisite sweet stillness of our divine essence.

Javier Malcolm

leafSeptember 8th – Summer Herbs & Tips for Heat Relief

It's still full-on summer in Texas! Let's explore and strategize ways to cool down with herbs, foods, breath and lifestyle: from peach leaf cold infusions, to sour lemonade, to kundalini yogic breathing techniques. Learn which tastes keep you hot and which ones cool you down! Ginger Webb of Texas Medicinals and Sacred Journey School of Herbalism has over 20 years experience as a practicing herbalist here in central Texas.

Ginger Webb

leafSeptember 15th – Singing Bowls and Sound Therapy

Tibetan singing bowls have been used traditionally for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. These bowls are now used for stress relief, meditation, yoga, and other applications. Many wonder exactly how Tibetan singing bowls work in healing one's body and mind, but the secret is primarily in the way they sound and the vibrations they emit. Come join Everitt Allen and learn how to use these ancient tools to facilitate healing in your own life.

Everitt Allen

leafSeptember 22nd – Meet your belly! An exploration of the Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage

We will discuss the origins and application of this bodywork modality for your digestive and reproductive health. Developed by Don Elijio Panti and Rosita Arvigo (with the wisdom of many others) who combined traditional Mayan healing practices with modern language and knowledge to create a system to clear the core of congestion and allow nature to flow, optimizing health and function. Whether the focus is on balancing the uterus to improve the menstrual cycle for health and fertility; reducing lymphatic congestion and increasing blood flow around the digestive system to reduce inflammation; or restoring health after a traumatic childbirth, abortion or surgery; attention to this complex and vulnerable area of the body can facilitate a profound shift. Bring your questions to help create the information flow!

Rachael Wilder, LMT

leafSeptember 29th – The Secret to Health, Wellness, and Aging

Discover the most powerful Health habit you can use to be the best version of yourself today, while slowing down the aging process. Getting older is inevitable, aging can be avoided with the right choices. Join Dr. Trevor as he shares fascinating new research and the latest health information to transform your life today and in the future. Dr. Trevor is well known for his gentle approach and high technical proficiency in helping treat a wide variety of conditions such as neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, and prenatal and pediatric conditions.

Dr. Trevor

leafOctober 6th – How Do We Heal?

Do you find yourself in the same kinds of frustrating jobs, unfulfilling relationships, and arguments, etc? Do you find that no matter how clear your intention, you cannot seem to get unstuck? What do these situations cost you – vitality, money, career success, authenticity, freedom, self-expression, intimacy and loving connection? Come learn about Resonance Repatterning. It can allow you to identify and resolve those issues stopping you and uncover the most valuable issue to heal now. Give yourself the opportunity to have a life you truly love. Mary is an ordained minister in private practice for the past 18 years teaching others how to use Resonance Repatterning to change their lives.

Rev. Mary Schneider

leafOctober 13th – Exploring Your Soul's Journey with Life Between Lives Regression

Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression is a hypnosis process in which you can access and explore soul memories. Learn how this method can help you answer your deepest questions, such as "Who am I?" "What will I experience after death?" and "What lessons did I come here to learn in this life?" Karma is neither a punishment nor a life sentence. It is unresolved energy, aka "baggage", that we carry from the past. Karma affects our relationships, our actions and our patterns of behavior. You are not a puppet of your karma; you can become conscious of it and transform it using past life regression. Come learn how this powerful tool for healing, growth and self-awareness can improve your life.


leafOctober 20th – Basics of Qigong

Join Elisabeth Misner, medical Qigong student practitioner, to explore the facets of this ancient Chinese healing modality. She will teach you some basic techniques to bring healing energy to your friends, family, and even yourself. The session will include the opportunity to have Elisabeth address your own particular issues and send you on your way with some energy healing prescriptions. Come comfortably dressed, and bring a yoga mat (some mats will also be provided). This session is particularly beneficial for those experiencing high levels of stress in life, and for those with health concerns. Email Beth for questions or comments. Join Beth's Facebook qigong group, Abundant Health Qigong.

Beth Misner

leaf October 27th – Protecting You and Your Family from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)

Dr. Ritter has been researching the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the body for the last 14 years. He discovered that it breaks your biological sleep pathways. If you sleep without radiation, your body can restore itself the way it's supposed to. Dr. Ritter will give information on how to protect you and your family. Information cards and other materials will be shared.

EMF Knights Dr. Ritter & Kelly Jones

leafNovember 3rd – End Disease, Lose Weight with a Plant-based Diet

A whole food, plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to prevent and reverse many disease states, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and auto immune diseases. Lauren Bernick has reversed her own heart disease by adopting a plant-based diet and she's lost twenty pounds doing it. Eat more food, and MORE delicious food than you can imagine, while improving your health and losing weight. Lauren's talks are funny and informative, and you'll come away knowing what foods to eat for optimal health. Really.

Lauren Bernick

leafNovember 10th – Allergy Season: Improving Immune Response via Herbs, Foods, and Supplements

Come learn how to combat allergy season from the maker of Cedar Serum, one of The Herb Bar's most popular extracts for Cedar Fever. Carlos will offer ways to improve your immune system through herbs, supplements and the foods you eat. Whether it be pecan, ragweed, oak, cedar or any of the other common allergens in the Austin region, Carlos has some great tips for you.

Carlos Hernandez BioStar Botanicals

leafNovember 17th – Numerology 101

What is numerology? What can it tell you about your life? How important is the day you were born? Join us for an overview of how your date of birth shows your talents as well as the hurdles you may face in this life. Learn how certain Life Path numbers will make better life partners. We are all energy vibrating to the influence of our name and our birth date! Join us!! Send me your date of birth and first name to my email for your Life Path description.

Jane Foster